Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KC on....Casey

Remember a few weeks ago, when I mentioned a third horse I was working with at Akindale? I finally got a few good photos of her to share with you!

Pictured below is Friend's Case, also known as Casey. We find it slightly hilarious that we share the same name.
How cute is this girl? Casey is about 8 years old, and she ran in 29 races in her youth. Although I find it shocking that she ran anywhere other than to the salad bar....she is certainly what I would call plump!

That photo above makes it look like she heard me call her plump. As if to say, "Plump? Who are you callin' plump?"
Alas, Casey looks like that a lot. She has what we call a "foal eye," meaning you can frequently see the whites of her eyes, which is usually a sign of stress or panic in a horse. Many foals show their whites as they're taking in new surroundings and exploring their world. Casey is the same. She's not panicked, but she's very aware of what's around her. It's actually a very cute and endearing trait.

The reason I'm working with Casey is because she's what I would call a nervous Nellie. She is a doll and has come so far in just a few weeks. Before I started working with her, people couldn't brush her. She wouldn't stand still, she'd constantly move and basically work herself into a state.

Now, I can groom and tack her up while she's crosstied. She still gets a little anxious, so I just stop what I'm doing, take a few deep breaths (which she reciprocates), and I wait for her to calm to continue my work. Oddly enough, she adores having her mane and forelock brushed - like she knows it's an important part of any girl's beauty regime!

This was just before I hopped on her. She didn't like to stand at the mounting block when other people got on her, but I spent a session with her just working on mounting, and letting her realize it wasn't a big deal and taking my sweet time with her. It's paid off. She stands completely still until I'm settled in the saddle.

She also has a trot that would melt your heart...many times, a trot is bouncy and a bumpy ride unless you're posting (rising and sitting with the rhythm of the trot). I could sit to Casey's trot all day long.

Tomorrow, Erin and I are taking Casey out on her first trail ride - Erin will ride a calmer, more solid horse, and I'll be on Casey. We're curious to see how she does. My prediction? Once we get away from the barn, she'll relax and perhaps even enjoy herself and get caught up in the fun of the ride.

Baby steps. She's a good girl, and hopefully up for adoption soon. She deserves someone who loves her like none other.

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Catherine said...

I just love Casey's face! She's very cute. Good luck tomorrow on her first trail ride. I can't wait to hear how she does. She sure has come a long way in a short time. Kudos Kace!