Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let Us Pray....POW!!

We had a dinner party this evening. Not just any dinner party, but one full of blessings, good tidings, and some hilarity that ensued, as only it can do here at TMF.

Father Bob, the wonderful priest who married Matt and I, came with my parents to bless the house, barn and animals. After he was done "working," I'd planned a nice dinner to thank him - a dinner that was a long time coming, since we discussed the menu at my brother Jay's rehearsal dinner back in July!

We began the blessing in the house after initial greetings and before the wine was unleashed. When I'm really trying to focus on words, I'll close my eyes and bow my head. I did just that as Father Bob (or FB as we call him sometimes) began the blessing. About 10 seconds after he started, there was a "ZOOM!" across my shoes. Knowing full well it was a cat, I tried to ignore it and let a smirk slide across my face.

Ten seconds after that....another, "ZOOM" followed by a "Wham, POW!" Monster decided a mere drive-by wasn't enough the first time, so he decided to bash himself into my legs the second time to make sure I knew he was there.

I couldn't help it. A giggle snuck out. Followed by a snort and then an outright guffaw, as everyone looked up at me, bewildered.

"I'm so sorry!" I said. I tried to explain Monster's cameo appearance, followed by his kamikaze crash into my shins.

So much for being reverent.

After that, Monster wisely hopped up on a nearby chair where I had to pet him for the remainder of the blessing, lest he decide he was being left out of the ceremony.

FB had the best remedy for silly cats who interrupt him....he made sure to douse Monster in some extra holy water! He made himself scarce after that, but he is quite a blessed kitty now.

The horses took the blessing with their usual ease, Zeus nodding his head as if he agreed with everything FB was saying. We had prepared a little thank you for FB, and Zeus "counted his blessings" by pawing the ground on command. Then he attempted to eat the bottle the holy water was in.

A dinner of balsamic poached chicken with roasted red potatoes and garlic infused green beans followed, capped off with the one and only Death by Chocolate cake. Once our guests had departed, Matt and I got to work on dishwashing, belting out duets. I think our best was "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. Complete with shimmying at the sink.

Because really, what other way is there to do dishes?


Sapphire said...

I think, this is my fave post to date because between FB (Facebook lol), your attention seeking kitty, your holy water swilling horsey, and the dish shimmying? I've been laughing for 10 minutes trying to type up this comment!! Awesome time. I can picture it all so well!

Cynthia D said...

Wish I'd been there! Two of us would have been cracking up over Monster!
And a chance to eat your wonderful cake?? Next time, pretty please?? Miss you and the "children".

Catherine said...

What a lovely evening. And your dinner sounded mouthwateringly good!

Aislinn said...

Such a cute story, KC. It sounds like Monster may now be holier than the Dalai Lama.

Dinner sure did sound mouthwatering. I wish I hadn't read it right at my dinner time. My tuna sandwich just ain't looking too good right now.