Friday, October 1, 2010


Dear Grammy and Chief (KC's Mom and Dad),

Thank you for my spiffy new rain sheet! Don't I look dashing? This came in very handy during the gale force wind and monsoon rain these past two days. All the other rain sheets were short on me so my bum always stuck out and got wet and cold...that's not fun. But this new sheet is toasty and waterproof - bum included!

I hope you can come to visit me soon and admire my new wardrobe, as I create divots all over the field. I'm really good at that.



Ann said...

Dear Zeusey,

You look smashing in your new rain sheet! And your mom picked the perfect color for you too. We know how much you like to be outside (even in the rain, yuck) and we're glad you can stay dry now. Happy grazing!

Grammy and Chief

Aislinn said...

Now that is one slick slicker, and boy, will it get a lot of use.

Catherine said...

Gotta love "grandparents" - ha. Very cute.