Sunday, November 28, 2010

29 Left to Go!

Before I officially begin this post....Happy Birthday Mom!

A year ago today, Matt and I officially moved into TMF. I can't believe it's been a year, it's just flown by, and I still feel like we haven't unpacked (and there are many many photos that have yet to be hung!). There are so many things we want to do still, and it's clear just how much a home is a work in progress.

We've had comedy, tragedy, chaos and calm all in one year. While I think most homeowners experience their first year just like we did, I can't help but think that ours was magnified by bringing the horses home, building a barn, and beginning a business within that year. We've had more emergency vet visits than we'd like to mention (though totally happenstance). Matt has dutifully put up fencing, then put up more fencing, then repaired some more broken fencing. We learned to not operate the weedwacker when the horses are out (ensue chaos, followed by vet bill). We have carried hundreds of gallons of warm water from the house to the barn.

We have also named our neighbors (who may or may not know how to read, so I'm sure they won't be reading this blog). We have the Weirdlys, the Rednecks, the Pool Feet House, and the Pyro House. We have some lovely neighbors who have come to our rescue and offered helpful tips about the area, so they don't have a funny name like the ones listed above. They have actually bothered to introduce themselves to us!

Although our first year was wonderful and exciting in so many ways, I'm hoping that our second year at TMF brings about some calm, some tranquility, and with a year of experience under our belt, I think we'll get there.

Now if only we could find out what the random switches and outlets in the house actually do, then we'll be all set!

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Catherine said...

Happy Birthday, KC's Mom! And Happy One Year Anniversary KC and Matt's farm!