Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Let's have a talk. A talk about babies.

Not just any babies. Behbes! Cute, sassy, curious and innocent eyed yearlings, that you just want to cuddle and smoosh and put them in the back of your Durango and let them live in your house.

Maybe that's just me.

I get all goo goo eyed and start talking in nonsensical phrases when I see such young little lovelies.

Look at them! How do you not want to just snuggle with them and camp out in their field? These are all little fillies - little girls - and a few are part of my Developing Horse program at Akindale. Two of them are actually 2 years old, but the rest are just a year.

They are curious about everything, and will follow you anywhere. They will snuffle your hair down to your boots and look at you with such inquisitive eyes. Here's one of them giving Erin a smooch.

These little girls don't have a clue how nice their view is - they are happy with their acres of land, lots of grass and hay, and visits from people like Erin and I, who stare back at them, starry eyed with possibility.
Happiness is horse snuffles. From behbes!


Catherine said...

OMG! The cutest!!

Arliss said...

What Catherine said!! I want to be in that field with them. : )