Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boarding a Flight to Paris

I'll see you later. I'm going to Paris.

Sort of.

After several months of working with Paris on the ground, having a few setbacks, and working our way back up again, it was time to finally sit on Paris for the first time.

This photo looks like I'm calm and relaxed, above. And I am. After working with her for so long, I felt I knew her well enough and trusted her to be able to handle this for her first time. Erin, who was my groundperson, was a nervous wreck - but she did a marvelous job helping!

Special thanks also goes out to one of my riding students, Marissa, who took these photos and helps me out at Akindale from time to time.

This was a really important moment - putting my weight across her back, testing the water, and basically making a ruckus on her back - tapping the saddle, flapping the stirrup leathers...and as you can see, she was interested but relaxed.

And I'm on! Honestly, it felt like I was on top of the world. She took everything in stride, accepting my weight, my words and my signals. Erin helped her along in case she got confused or startled - she is quite big and therefore, really strong!

For the last few moments, Erin was able to let me cue Paris through my hands and legs, which she responded to brilliantly. She's a smart cookie, our Paris.

What a good girl. What possibility. Although she's a challenge on the ground and intimidates some people, I really feel that she has great things ahead of her. I am completely smitten with this promising young lady.


Kim said...

How cool is that!!!!! It sounds and looks like Paris certainly did take this all in stride. Thanks to you KC - she's learning to trust. I just love "a ha" moments and I think Paris had hers and "all was ok with the world". Hopefully this is the beginning of a whole new world for her.

Catherine said...

Congrats on the break-through! You are one brave cookie. And Paris is really special. I wish there was a way to look into her brain to see what she's been through. Regardless, your patience and "smitten-ness" will erase all the bad stuff, I'm sure.

Aislinn said...

KC, In my estimation, only you could bring out the best in Paris. Vive la Paris!