Saturday, November 13, 2010

Diary of a Mad Cat

Hello. I'm Mojo, and I'm mad.

I'm taking over my mom's blog today because I need for you to understand what I have to go through sometimes.
You see, I'm an explorer. I'm the Kitty Columbus of Wingdale. I have my own turf, that's all mine. But sometimes, other cats decide to invade my turf, and I have to defend it.
My mom wants to throw rocks at the owners. But she's too nice to do that, so I got promoted to Head of Security at TMF.
However, sometimes I end up with battle scars. Never being one to back down from a fight, I stick to the mantra, "Go big or go home."
And this is why I have a hole in my head.
Mom and Dad discovered it a few days ago and though they buzzed my head, cleaned it out and deemed, "Wow, it's really deep," they still insisted I go to the vet to make sure it wasn't worse than they thought.

And so here I sit, angry at the world, with a reverse mowhawk and a week of antibiotics ahead of me.

I'm back home now, but am being held hostage inside for 24-48 hours. Life is unfair, I tell you.

I'm Mojo, and I'm mad. If you come to visit, make sure to bring me lots of treats and/ or live mice to torment. Life is hard when you've got a hole in your head.


Arliss said...

Oh, poor Mojo! The indignity of the reverse mohawk! One can't blame him for feeling a little surly, can one? And being TMF Head of Security, there's a certain image to uphold. He is such a cute character. And he (grudgingly) says thank you Mom and Dad, I love you for taking such good care of me.

Aislinn said...

Mojo! My little Mojo. Ya know, your meow is bigger than your bite, so don't get too carried away with the kitties in da hood.

You look awfully cute in the photo, reverse mohawk and all.

I'm just so glad that you are okay.

KC, perhaps a 6 foot statue of St. Francis of Assisi might be in order?

Sapphire said...

Hey Mojo, Nice job with security, but you gotta take care of yourself. That reverse mohawk? Bet it totally scores you lots of live food to play with ;-)

Catherine said...

So what exactly created the hole, Mojo? That is some battle scar. I (Riley) can relate. When Catherine first rescued me she took me to the vet because she felt lumps under my arm. She was worried it was cancer. The vet told her what I already knew...those weren't lumps...they were bee-bee gun pellets. Some a-holes thought it would be fun to shoot me when I was younger. It's rough out there folks.

Signed - Riley (Catherine's favorite cat)