Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's been a little crazy around here. I'm hoping we can begin getting out the Christmas decorations and start enjoying this time of year! Perhaps we'll even get our Christmas tree this weekend. I'm ever so hopeful!

We did take down all the Halloween (oops)/ Fall decorations this evening, so that's a step in the right direction....right?

Part of my time at Starlight Farm, the barn with the indoor arena that Piety and Flurry are at, involves all of their care - this includes feeding/ mucking/ turning them out during the day. Throw in taking care of Topaz, Siggy and Zeus, not to mention continuing to work on other Akindale horses who are still at ATBR, and that's a full horsey plate with a side of mucking.


So, it's been a little hectic. Saturday was supposed to be a quiet day, but involved two trips to Starlight, a ride on Zeus, grocery shopping, and probably a few other things I can't remember.

It also involved a trip. And fall.

Oh yes.

I managed to ride three horses gracefully that day, working all around them, handling some other horses....and as we were headed to the grocery store, I completely went arse over elbow and managed to biff on our basement stairs.

Matt heard the "smack, thwap, bump, kaboom!" as my foot went right out from under me 5 steps from the bottom and I finally came to a rest on the floor. Apparently, Whimsy tipped him off - the ruckus scared her half to death so she flew past him and hid under the bed.

I heard a tentative, "Uhhh, are you alright down there?" from above me. It could have been God.

Probably not with the amount of cursing I was doing.

Since then, my wrist has been completely sore and jammed up. This is the wrist I primarily muck with (which means incredibly deft pitchfork wielding), the one I brace against when dismounting a horse, the one I tuck under my pillow when falling asleep.

Those stairs suck.


Arliss said...

Oh, nooo, KC! So sorry about your fall! Maybe bandage that wrist up with an Ace, rest it and keep it elevated, ice it if it's hot, and stay on Advil for at least 48 hours? Anyway that's what my two sisters, who are nurses, would advise ...

i realize the "rest it and keep it elevated" part will be quite tricky, however, given the deft-pitchfork-wielding, curry-combing, girth-cinching, and other assorted tasks you need to do. Yikes!

Oh, and you are such a witty and entertaining writer ... this part COMPLETELY cracks me up:

"Uhhh, are you alright down there?" from above me. It could have been God.

Probably not with the amount of cursing I was doing.

Anyway, we miss you and the farm so much but hope to get out again soon. I know your schedule is pretty full at the moment too. Please especially hug Siggy for me -- I have lots of carrots saved for him! Thinking of you all. Seriously, I hope the wrist is OK, and try to go easy on it for a few days if possible. xoxo Arliss

Catherine said...

I'm sorry to hear your wrist is all mucked up. I hope it's on the mend now. I'm glad the fall wasn't worse though. Five steps is a long way down. Plus falling as an adult is so traumatic. I remember taking a tumble in the parking garage before our big company Christmas party (back in the 90's) and skinning both my knees. I cried like a 9-year-old who just fell off her bike.

Rest that wrist as much as you can!