Thursday, November 25, 2010

Officially Official and...Aboard Flurry

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their families! We had a lovely day, complete with leftovers from our turkey extravaganza that you all got to witness.

Now that we're past that holiday and moving at a good clip towards Christmas, in case you didn't already know, it's about time we let the cat out of the bag.

No, I do not have a bun in the oven!

Instead, I have come onboard at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue as Head Trainer and Adoption Coordinator. It's a job I don't take lightly, because it is a lot. At first, the sheer amount of horses that are on my "to do list" would grow daily, and that was really overwhelming. Now, a few weeks into it, I think we're moving into a routine and a schedule that works.

I love that this job enables me to work with these amazing animals - some who haven't ever been ridden, like Paris - others pulled from kill pens, like Flurry - and a few who have incredibly successful lives at the track who are just chomping at the bit (literally) to learn a new skill and show the world they aren't one trick ponies.

As part of this job, I'm lucky to move up to 10 of our horses in development to a barn about 10 minutes from our house that has an indoor arena - Starlight Farm. These horses will have the winter to hone their skills, really grow, and also be available to show to potential adopters. Some horses that you know are going: Flurry and Chief being two of them.

Speaking of our little Flurry - have you been wondering how she is? Well, she is just doing beautifully - loving her second chance at life, and enjoying her time in her new herd with her buddy that came from Camelot with her, Piety (who will also be going to Starlight). She's beginning to put some weight on and is just such a good girl.

Earlier this week, I gave Flurry her first ride since the auction - and though she was a bit nervous, she was kind and happy to be under saddle. I cannot wait to see what she can do when we move to Starlight this weekend!

Here's our girl, all decked out (and me bundled up in the chilly wind!). How beautiful is she?
I am so very lucky to have the job of a lifetime. When I think about where I was a year ago - just closing on our home, still working in where I am now, it's pretty mind-boggling. But I can't help but think it was all meant to be somehow. I should go out to the barn now and give Siggy a hug....because he is ultimately responsible for this new chapter!


Arliss said...

KC, this is quite simply a match made in heaven. I am so, so happy for you -- and for the horses who will blossom under your skilled and gentle hands. How perfect it is that you are in this role, where you have such passion for what you do, and are so suited for it, and where you will do so much good. It is so wonderful that things have worked out this way! Wishing an incredible future ahead for you and the horses you are helping at Akindale. (And yes, do give dear Siggy a big hug -- and some carrots!) AND how terrific to see you on Flurry -- just think, what a world away she is now from where she was just weeks ago!

Catherine said...

Congratulations KC! All of these good things couldn't be happening to a better or more deserving gal.