Monday, November 8, 2010

A Parade of Photos

It's been a hectic few weeks.

First off, remember the Woodbury FFA Hunter Pace Erin and I were going to ride Bank Me and Unique Dream in? Well, we did. It was yesterday, and it was cold! We were delighted with our horses, who were superstars. We were even more delighted with our third place finish, netting us two huge, beautiful yellow ribbons. As a bonus, we were also awarded a prize for Best Matching Adult Team, which was such a surprise and such fun! Our gifts were 2011 Calendars, lead ropes, and delicious cookies for horses (which Erin was ecstatic over, these particular cookies are soft and the elderly horses at Akindale love them!). The Woodbury FFA went over and above, and I was so proud to be a member of the Alumni. We'll hopefully get a photo of the two of us on course soon.

Now that things are beginning to calm, I wanted to post some photos of events from the past few weeks for your viewing pleasure!

First off, we got the professional photos from the Hettinger Challenge/ OTA Hunter Pace. To see Team TMF, click on this link (we are team 83):
OTA Hunter Pace Team TMF

It was a reminder of a great day and a huge day for Zeus and Siggy!

Secondly, I wanted to share the professional photos from my very good friend Marisa's wedding. Marisa had a masquerade Halloween wedding at St. Clements Castle in Portland, CT. It was an unforgettable and unique wedding, and it felt like all of the other guests had become family and friends. The warmth, good tidings and ambience all made the day such fun. It goes without saying, but Marisa (a model) was one of the most beautiful brides I had ever seen, and that goes for all the brides in magazines, on television, and films. Her husband Chris, though quiet, had a look of adoration on his face all day long for his bride. Want to see for yourself?

Click here to see the Masquerade Wedding Photos!

We had snow this morning. Ready or not, here comes winter!

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Catherine said...

KC, thanks for sharing the photo links. You look really good up there on Zeus. I'm glad the day for so successful for Zeus and Siggy. Kudos to you and Erin!

As I said on FB, those wedding photos are stunning. I think that is without a doubt the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. You look lovely. Marisa looks so ethereal and I love the sparkle on her eyelashes. That venue was fantastic!