Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I can't believe it. We've had snow already.

I do love the snow (seriously). It reminds me of Christmas, sleigh bells, good tidings and being warm and cozy. It also means horsey snow angels, muzzles with icicles from snuffling around in the snow, and some extra playfulness from you know who.

No, not Matt. The horses!

Here is Zeus yesterday, sporting his brandy new winter blanket, courtesy of his Grammy and Pop Pop DiCo, who contributed to it for my birthday. If you'll remember, none of my other blankets or sheets fit Zeus since he's very long - so he got all new duds to keep warm this winter. I love how blue it is - I can easily spot him in the field!
I should add that even though we only had a dusting of snow, the gale force winds and already cold temps meant it felt about 25 degrees outside (as per the Weather Channel). So winter blankets were a necessity!

Doesn't he look dashing?
Siggy and Zeus immediately started playtime in the snow. Here you can see Sig doing a wonderful sliding stop-and-spin that would make any reining horse proud. Please note both wheelbarrows on the right were knocked over - thank you 30+ mph winds!
Topaz always looks so dignified in her blanket. She was none too amused with the antics from the boys, but seemed very happy and cozy in her plush rug.

Ah, winter. We're ready for you. Bring it on!

One last thing....a shout-out from Zeus to a very special Horsewife, Kim! Kim is laid up at the moment and sent me an email asking, "Where are the newest blog entries?!" Zeus agreed and wanted to send Kim a special snowy snuffle.


Arliss said...

Awwww! Great post, and love the pics of the horses in the snow! It sounds like it was quite the day of wintery fun at TMF. (And I love "Snowvember" -- that's perfect!) I miss all these horsy faces -- we need to get out there, pronto!! Love all their nice blankies, too. :-)

Kim said...


Kim said...

I was having a slight issue posting. Looks like its working.

Awwwwwwww thanks Zeusy - Now THAT was a huge pick me up - made my day. Wow - a personal shout out from the man himself. LOL. All of you look like fashion plates. Love the winter garb. Let it Snow!!!!!!

Catherine said...

Beautiful horsey crew out there in the snow with their blankets on. Topaz is my kind of gal.