Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Tips...#1

Over the next few days, I'm going to try and entertain you with some Thanksgiving Day tips. Now, whether these tips actually work or not, I don't know (will keep you posted). So far, I only have one tip, and it's a biggie, so I'm willing to share it with you!

Thanksgiving Tip #1:

A 5 gallon horse bucket makes for a very handy tub to thaw your turkey if you're a dummy like me and forget to thaw it oh, 3 days beforehand. Duh.
Today is going to be our Thanksgiving Day - I will be at a dog show with my mom on the actual day, and Matt will be at home but working, so today's the day! If the turkey thaws in time, that is...

Special note: Matt just woke up. I heard him say in his sleep addled state: "Whoa." Then he sang, "There's a tub of turkey in the bathroooooooom, oh does it need a bath?"

I think you get extra points if you leave the turkey in the bathtub (like the above picture) and let it surprise people.

I should add that our turkey is 15 pounds. There is just the two of us.

Yes. Oink.


Catherine said...

That Matt has one wicked sense of humor. Love the turkey thawing tip. Gobble, gobble... Happy Thanksgiving!

Sapphire said...

LMAO!!! Excellent, so between that and the trimmings that'll be what? 10lb per person ;-) I don't know how both of you stay to skinny!!