Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Tips...#2

I am happy to report that the horse bucket trick worked! Our turkey that was supposed to thaw in 3 days time, actually thawed in about 7 hours. It took a few water changes, but while it soaked in the tub, I rode a horse, we went grocery shopping and had our Christmas card photo shoot done by the one and only Dennis Chunga.

So, we'll move onward with our Thanksgiving Tips.

Tip #2: Make someone else take out the giblets. Like your husband/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/ etc.

You can see Matt is just thrilled at the chance to participate in this American tradition!

Let's be honest here. If I monitor the turkey thawing, peel and make the mashed potatoes, make stuffing, gravy, and even remember to get the jellied cranberry sauce he loves so much, not to mention cook the actual turkey to perfection, he can do his part.

While I snicker nearby with my camera handy. Now that's some holiday cheer for you!


JayZ said...

I've done the thawing in my sink great! And I have a big tip for next year...brine the turkey! Secret to moist white meat :-)

M loves jellied cranberry too?! John loves it and I don't get the love at all, lol.

Catherine said...

That photo speaks for us all. Ugh! Matt is a great hubby!

I've cooked turkey in a paper bag and it's turned out super moist and yummy. Sounds weird, I know, but it really worked.

Arliss said...

Oh, poor Matt, I feel his pain -- that part completely skeeves me out! His expression says it perfectly!