Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Tips...#3

Matt is calling around for therapists after his giblet experience. The neck was particularly fun.

So, the turkey is in the oven, the Christmas music is going, and the next project is at hand.

The potatoes.

Here we go. Thanksgiving Tip #3...enlist help with potato peeling.

You can see below what my help has been in past years.

Look, they're friends. And I'm a lot happier peeling potatoes when I'm warbling a Christmas song with some Pinot under my belt.

Knowing the wine wouldn't actually peel the potatoes for me, I called in for reinforcements.

Here's Monster, who has no interest in the potato waiting for him, looking at Matt as if to say, "Dad, to I have to help Mom? She won't stop warbling Christmas songs and she expects me to work. Ew."

You'll notice the wine was unopened at that's because I had a different one in the fridge I had to finish. Oh and the groceries behind Monster that hadn't been unpacked. Priorities.

This photo says it all. Monster, seeing the potato and fully understanding what is required of him, exits stage left.

Le sigh. It's just you and me, Pinot. Pinot and potatoes. Warble warble.


Catherine said...

Pinot and potatoes. Hey wasn't moonshine made from potatoes (or something like that)? I always wondered what went better with potatoes, red or white. Now I know it's whatever is left over in the fridge. Loved this tip!

Arliss said...

So funny! I enjoy your blog so much. Great post. I feel compelled to add Thanksgiving Tip #3 (a): When mixing Pinot and potato-peeling, one should keep in mind that the more one consumes of said Pinot, the more careful one should be with the peeler. Just sayin'.