Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Love

I'm sure you've all been wondering how the Babies have been doing.

Well, here they are! Say hello!

They are doing fabulously. They're beginning to sass us around a little and show their individual personalities. They have been visited by our fantastic vet a few times, and although they look thin, it's because the worms that were taking over their insides are on their way out. The babes are just making room for all the good stuff - hay, grain, fresh water and maybe a carrot or two.

The little Bay Lady is a camera hog. She just loves the attention and I think is in the running for Gerber's "Cutest Baby of the Year" competition. You didn't think that was just for human babies, did you?

They are happy little girls, these two. Getting to play outside in a big, safe field and having a warm, cozy stall with lots of fresh hay at night is where it's at.

For today, playtime in the field makes it the best day ever!


Catherine said...

Thanks for the update KC. It warms my heart!

Aislinn said...

Oh, KC, I am so happy to see that they're doing so well. It warms my heart too!