Sunday, December 26, 2010

Debunking the Funfetti Mystery

I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas!

Do you remember this cake? I posted it in my Bakeathon entry a few days ago.
I was shocked to get so many requests for the recipe for Funfetti! It is a delicious cake, I'll admit.

But, unlike the other confections I made from scratch, this is not one of them.
Bear with me while I unfurl the directions for Funfetti cake.
Step 1: Head to your local grocery store.
Step 2: Head for the Cake/ Baking Needs aisle.
Step 3: Look for this box.
Yup. There it is, folks!
At certain times of year, there's a theme! I couldn't find a holiday box, but here are some sample boxes for the other times of the year where you might need a little Funfetti.

Who doesn't love a cupcake that practically screams our National Anthem?
Step 4: Look for coordinating holiday frosting.

Now, just follow the instructions on the box, slap on the frosting, and voila!

In all honesty, I know box cake mixes used to be pretty deplorable. Nowadays, they're actually really good, and even better if you're on a deadline. The frosting has come a long way, too. I'll occasionally "cheat" and make one of these cakes for a dessert, and usually, people request seconds.
You can, however, make your own Funfetti cake. How? With your own typical vanilla cake recipe, just toss in some colored sprinkles in the colors of your choice. Seriously. Pillsbury is making a fortune by throwing some sprinkles in their cake mix.
Ahhh, Funfetti. Fun to eat, is all I know!


JayZ said...

My little brother requests Funfetti cake for his birthday every year. No from scratch cakes for him, lol.

Aislinn said...

LOL! Ya gotta love an honest woman.