Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doggie Day

About a week ago, I went to a competition. Only this time, I wasn't the competitor, or even the groom. I was merely a spectator and cameragal.

For what seemed like a million years, my mom trucked me all over the country to compete with my horses. She would be a groom, coach, psychiatrist, driver and finder of the best pizza wherever we happened to be. The tables have turned a bit, and Mom has found her passion in showing dogs. Now she gets the spotlight and I'm happy to come out and support her, since, hello, she spent countless weekends in motels and at horse parks, walking courses and helping me memorize dressage tests.

Mom's dog, Checkers, seems to really have a natural panache when she's in the show ring. When she's at home, she's chasing slippers and taking slippers, moving them to another location, and somehow, always moving matching sets of slippers.

She's a smart little lady, that Checkers.

Anyway, let's get to the fun stuff.

Here's the pregame show.
Checkers is getting primped and perfected, and looks rather stoic all the while, doesn't she?

Here we are right before entering the ring. After Chex was all done up and Mom got her own show duds on (and please note the lack of polyester so many other competitors sport), Chex got the pink fleece thingy placed on her bum. The reason?
Chex tends to have such fluffy fur "back there" that it appears she has some junk in the trunk. So Mom has to keep that volume under control. It's like Spanx for dogs.
Somehow, I can relate.

And it's Show Time!
Here's the judge checking out Chex's conformation and expression.

And here's the lineup....nice looking group, eh?

This shot is definitely my favorite. I took this with mom's camera before they went in the ring, as they were practicing their jog (or whatever you call it in doggy terms...the romp? Jaunt?). Mom and Chex are in tune to each other and everything around them just blurred.


Catherine said...

Congratulations Ann! Best in show!

Arliss said...

KC, sorry that I'm a bit behind and am catching up on blog posts -- I love this one! You captured very well the dog-show scene. The photos are great. Checkers is gorgeous! And that last shot of your mom practicing "gaiting" her (fancy dog-show term) is really excllent -- it so captures that feeling of being the show building, getting ready to go into the ring ... and your mom looks GREAT, btw! xoxo