Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Want a Horseopotamus for Christmas...

When I was a little girl, every year without fail, I would ask my parents if Santa would bring me a horse for Christmas. And for every objection they would come up with, I would have a completely logical answer.

For example:
Mom & Dad: "Santa can't fit a horse in the sleigh."
Moi: "The horse can help pull the sleigh!"

Mom & Dad: "The horse won't have a barn to live in."
Moi: "You can move the cars out of the garage and the horse can live in there."

Mom & Dad: "Our cars won't live outside."
Moi: "Ok, then. Santa can bring a barn in pieces in the sleigh and Dad can put it together."

See what I mean?

But when I was little, I would write and draw stories where my special horse would follow me everywhere - to school, to the park (to jump the park benches, of course - which I got to do when I was a teenager on a horse), and around the neighborhood. This horse would just happily go wherever I go, much like a beloved dog for many other people.

Well. This year, those daydreams I had are a reality! Not that he's mine, of course, but he may just follow me home. Literally. Chief and I...we're close.

(Must-see Video!)

And a screeching halt on command (4 second video):


Kim said...

I totally LOVED this!!! Great job you two. You both should be on "Dancing with the Stars" thats what I think. Chief is adorable and I'm thinkin he's loving his partner. I'm liking that 4 sec stop. Sweet. :)

Catherine said...

Dear Horse rock!

Cynthia D said...

This is the coolest video ever! I keep pulling out my phone to show everyone I see. I see what you meant about Chief. Amazing. I can't believe what you have done with this guy. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Now if I could only get Brody to behave this well...