Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The big Holiday Event here was a smashing success. Everyone had a marvelous time, great food was had, and many laughs and memories will be remembered in the year to come!

And, my Christmas gift from Matt was a new digital camera! So the photos in this post are all from the new camera. I LOVE it.

The Snowflake Cake that I mentioned in my last post was a hit!

Here I am with my niece Emily, putting on the handmade white chocolate snowflakes. They weren't as hard as I thought they would be, and she just loved helping me!

The finished product!

Someone looks excited, don't you think?

There are few things better than sitting back and noticing everyone having a lovely time and really enjoying each other's company, in your home.
Who is the guy on the left? That's Oz! (Hi Oz!) Oz is a friend of ours, originally from London but now in NYC. We are the New York branch of his American family, and this is the second Christmas he's spent with us. We love having him!
This picture was taken by my dad. Not too shabby!

Today, I went out to the barn with the camera and had some fun. So did Siggy! He looks dapper in one of his Christmas gifts - a brand new blanket, just for him! It was an unexpected gift - Zeus bit a hole and ripped the blanket he was wearing - but this way, he gets something new and all his. And, it gets better! Siggy's Auntie Arliss sent him a special delivery that arrived this shipping boots! He's going to look smashing in them, and more importantly, they'll protect his legs when we take him for a ride in the horse trailer. Thank you, Arliss!
Zeus will pose all day long for the camera. He knows he's photogenic!
Ahhh, Christmas Eve hay. In warm, cozy blankets. Tonight they'll get Christmas candy canes in their dinners, and a special breakfast mash on Christmas morning.

From all of us here at TMF, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and the brightest of New Years!


Aislinn said...

Aw, KC, such a beautiful family. That Christmas cake - ooh la la! How on earth did you make the snowflakes?

So nice of Arliss to buy some new boots for Siggy!

Osman said...

KC! Thank you for making me feel at home and like a member of your family indeed this Christmas! I had a total blast!!!!