Friday, December 10, 2010

No Rest for the Weary

I've got a bad cold.

And no voice.


The other day, I picked Matt up from the train. My voice was husky and going in and out, and I thought, "Oh! He'll think it's really sexy and fun and different!"

I asked him, with a flip of my hair, "How was your day?" when he got in the car.

He replied, "Oh my God, you sound like an old man!"

So much for sexy.

Anyway, it's been pretty miserable. I'm sneezing, my head feels like a giant bubble (a painful one at that), I have no voice, and I'm coughing. Typical seasonal cold that just gets in the way.

I have no time to be sick!

The thing is, when you have horses, there are no sick days. Horses don't really understand that concept. So those of us who work with them press on and go about our days.

The funny thing is, with no voice, that makes life interesting. Chief is below, having a "Huh?" moment.
That's him staring at me as I tried to whisper/ yodel/ mime "Hiiii Chiefy!" like I always do. He seems confused. It looks like me, smells like me, but it sure doesn't sound like me. Dream, off in her pink plaid, seems less concerned - she's a little camera shy.

The thing is, even when I'm sick, as soon as I'm working with and around my horses....I forget. I forget that I don't feel well, because I'm so focused on them. Even just getting a shoulder nudge from Chief or giving Dream a good scratch and she looks at me like, "Oh yeah, that's the spot!" makes it better.

And how could I forget Flurry and Piety, the model citizens of Thoroughbred rescue. They make it so easy for me to love on them - they're so well behaved and just go with the flow. Which makes life easier for me when I'm a coughing, sneezing mess.
Then of course, there are our own horses, who still nicker and snuffle at me. They don't care about germs.
And I love that about them.


Catherine said...

I'm dating myself here, but did anyone see that episode of "Friends" a long time ago when Phoebe got sick and her voice got all raspy and sexy. She decided it made her singing sound so great that when the rasp went away she tried to get sick again by stealing Monica's sicky Kleenex. So funny.

But on a serious note, KC, make sure you drink plenty of fluids and go to bed early so you can kick this cold! Those horses are great medicine, but a shot of Nyquil couldn't hurt.

KC said...

Cat, I remember that episode! You are totally not dating yourself!

I did some Dayquil today, it was mediocre...I think I just need some sleep!