Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I sang that. Honest.

It was finally time to decorate the tree the other day. The weather was wretched, my cold was running rampant, and Christmas cheer was not high on my list.

I was convinced that a little tree decorating would improve that. Usually, we'd like to have the tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving, so we can make the most of the Christmas season. We'll try to be more timely next year.

So, here we are. Go big or go home.
This is in our Three Season Room, also known as the Monster room. It doesn't have heat but it is insulated and has a pellet stove, and it gets nice and toasty in there in winter! In summer, the windows become screens for a lovely screened in porch. But in winter, it's usually the same temperature as it is outside unless the fire is lit. Our tree, in essence, turns into a treesicle. It's frozen until a warm spell in about February.

I was all ready. The atmosphere was great. Christmas music playing in the background, the fire adding warmth and ambiance...

And a festive cup of coffee in a mug with a sleigh on it. Oh yes, we were ready!

So there we were, Matt and I, acting as a team to string up the lights. We get to the last remaining set of lights, and.....and....
They don't work.


We had to silence the Christmas music, snuff out the fire, take care of 7 horses, go grocery shopping and somewhere in there, find some new lights. Commercial grade lights.

Needless to say, it was much later in the day when we finally resumed trimming the tree.
Once again, we started the fire, let the room warm up, cued up the Christmas music, but...
I needed something to give me strength. I deep sixed the coffee.
Oh yeah. Come to Mama.

This, my friends, is a Muffins Martini. A signature cocktail of ours, it's both festive and delicious. Beyond delicious. It is decadence in a glass.
Thanks to the magic of the Muffins Martini.....ta daaa!
The rest of it was fairly easy, and fun getting out ornaments that we'd forgotten we had. I think everyone else experiences that too.
That, my friends, is our finished tree. Which we're very happy with. Now I just have to wrap presents to go underneath the tree...and finish shopping for them.

Last but not least...a video documenting the tree and a special Elf!


Ann said...

Great tree! You need a higher ceiling! What does one have to do to get one of those Muffin Martinis?? HoHoHo!

Catherine said...

That is one happy elf!

So, what exactly goes into a Muffin Martini? Is it an east coast thing? I've never heard of it.

The tree and the room look beautiful. The fire looks warm. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Christmas abounds! You've inspired me to get my tree tonight.

Aislinn said...

Oh so cute, that Monster. He needs a few presents under the tree too.

It's a beautiful tree with the lights all aglow.

Nice job on the beams, Matt!

Osman said...

LOVE the muffin martini... still a bit sad it doesn't have any real muffins in it though :\