Monday, December 27, 2010

One Year Later

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December 28, 2009 was hands down, the worst day of my life thus far.

It was the day I said goodbye to someone who altered the path of my life forever. Someone I told all my secrets to. We grew up together, had incredible highs and lows together, and he made me into who I am today.

One year ago today, I lost my beloved Midnight, suddenly to colic.

12 hours prior, Matt and I were enjoying a lovely afternoon with some very good friends of ours, Mike and Julie, who are from California. After they left, the rest of the evening involved frantic calls to vets, walking Midnight in the freezing cold night, and finally having my mom race over and lastly, good friend Carla with her trailer to take him to a 24 hour clinic where he'd have round the clock veterinary care.

When it was clear he wasn't going to pull through, I had to say goodbye to him. But, in his own way, he let me know it was time to go, and he was ok with it.

Zeus blazed into my life just a mere 2 days later, but it took months for me to recover. I still remember meeting loyal blog reader Aislinn for the first time, a month afterward, and barely being able to keep it together as we talked about Midnight at a restaurant. Aislinn, like so many others, gave me her thoughts and helped me realize that it's ok to be sad, but to also know that he is just fine, wherever he is.

I never forgot how many emails, phone calls, comments, and even artwork I received. Midnight touched so many lives, and I never realized how special he was to so many people. I was so overwhelmed and grateful to know that other people felt that Midnight was as special to them, as he was to me.

Somewhere, Midnight must have known that the path that led us here - to Wingdale, to Zeus and Siggy, and onward to Akindale - was a path that would define the next chapter in our lives. Although the loss was monumental, I have been able to bring home 2 horses who needed us as much as I needed them. And, I am now helping horses every day - horses who, like Midnight, just needed a little attention and lots of love to flourish.

I wonder if he misses me. I see him not only in Zeus sometimes, but in other horses too - Chief, Flurry, and even in moments with Topaz.

I miss you too, Midzie.


lizzieblue said...

you got me teary eyed :( maybe someday you'll even make me an animal lover... but no promises. miss you.

Ann said...

I still look out our back window and frequently see a black shadow moving across the pasture. I know that's Midnight. Wherever he is, he's happy and free. We miss him too.

We are so proud of everything you've done and accomplished this year since his loss, K.C., and the horses you've saved in his memory.

Catherine said...

KC, what a beautiful post and tribute to Midnight. You were so lucky to have each other. I think you carry a piece of his spirit in everything you do, so he is always around. Thinking of you both today.

Aislinn said...

KC, that was a very moving post. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you will ride Midnight again, for all eternity. He's only a whisper away, and guiding you through your new life with all of his friends in your barn and at Akindale.

Kim said...

KC - you said it yourself - Midnight lead you to this place - right here and right now. He is with you all the time. What a beautiful tribute to him and to the powerful bond you will forever share.