Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

I've been having such a good time with my new camera that Matt got me for Christmas!

I actually think I annoyed him a little yesterday with my obsessive need to get some really good photos.

You might have heard, we had a little snow this past weekend.
Yeah. Just a little.

In a blizzard or other major storm, the horses still need round-the-clock care - that doesn't change. However, the plan has to be altered when we have several feet of snow, some drifts that are taller than I am, and gale force winds that yes, knock me over.

Yesterday morning, I had to clean their stalls, but with the winds and the snow still falling heavily, they could only go out one at a time.

I will tell you one thing: Horses LOVE the snow. Love it. This morning, they all went out together and practically had horsey snow angel contests, where they would all lay down and roll in the fresh snow, over and over and over again. I wish I had my camera then!

Alas, I did get some good footage yesterday.

This was Zeus, after he'd rolled once. He doesn't look bay anymore. As you can see, he's digging again to roll a second time, with his tongue stuck out to catch some wayward snowflakes.

And....here's a third time. (Video!)

Topaz even rolled - the snow makes them feel younger and more playful, I think. But I daresay she'll sleep well tonight, after having to walk through feet of snow all day long. I predict a mid afternoon nap for her.

And then Siggy rolled at least 3 times.

And then he frolicked, and had a ball taunting Zeus, who already had his turn. (Video)

Even though we shoveled, shoveled again, and shoveled some more after the drifts (ok - Matt shoveled), seeing their joy over the snow somehow makes it as much fun for us, as it does for them!


Catherine said...

I love this blog! Those videos are terrific. Thanks for sharing your horses and all that snow.

Kim said...

Love the vids. Siggy - he's such a booga boo!