Sunday, January 30, 2011

28 in...28

A very good friend of mine, Mandy, writes her own blog. She, along with a few other cross country friends, got me inspired to start this blog. Mandy has made the most of it by managing to do giveaways to her readers and has even recently become a published author!

Miss Mandy has issued a challenge: 28 blog posts in 28 days during the month of February. I think I'm up for it. It's going to require dedication, but also a ton of material to cover! I'm going to do my best, because I am wildly competitive (even though there is no prize to be had) and because I love to challenge myself. It's much more fun than preparing receipts for our taxes...or doing laundry...or putting away our wintery dishes.

Think I can do it?

In the meantime, I occasionally check in on my stats for this blog - who reads it? Where do they come from? While I can't nail down specifics like names or towns, I am astounded at the people who come to the blog, and where they come from.

Based on my stats, I have people from the US (of course), the United Kingdom (special shout out to BFF Bexy!), and even occasionally, Greece. Oddly enough, I also have regular readers from Spain, Hungary, China, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Canada and Russia. Isn't that wild?

So for all my international peeps - thank you for taking the time to check out our little corner of the world.

And hopefully, by Day 28...I won't be putting you all to sleep!

Here goes nothing!