Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blow Me Down

This winter has been ridiculous.

We have just been spanked by snow repeatedly since the day after Christmas - not a week has gone by without a significant storm.
Last night was no exception, and we got another 7-9 inches. I'm not really sure how much we got, because it just went on top of the 3 feet we already have.
So this morning was, yet again, more cleanup.
Have I talked about the snowblower that kind family friends Connie and Kevin gave to us, since they got a new one?
We love that thing.
We would either be divorced or crippled by now if it weren't for Connie and Kevin's kindness, as this snowblower (which is 10 years old but still works like a charm) has been used and used again. Not just to clean out our driveway and walkways, but also to create a path for me to take a full wheelbarrow to the manure pile.

There are few things more wonderful than seeing your guy out there, braving the elements for you, while he enjoys the horsepower (instead of shovelpower) and seeing the snow get demolished before his very eyes.

Meanwhile, I'm at the window, snapping pictures with a cup of coffee, still wearing my pajamas. I'd already fed and turned out the horses and cleaned the barn, but still. You get the point.
Thank you, Kevin and Connie!!!


b's bling selling mama said...

Gahh I am SO over the winter. We have been getting dumped on also & thank God, we have a snowblower too! I can't imagine how much worse it is on the farm, cause it sucks here for sure.

lizzieblue said...

Hey, no complaining since you have snowblowers! We tried to get one, but we're too late! TERRIBLE year to become homeowners, haha!

Cynthia D said...

We love our Matt!!!!

Catherine said...

Yes, Matt is officially Snowblower King! said...

I hate to tell you this, but, we're getting 21 more inches in the next 2 days. You probably already know this. I'm guessing that you're getting the same stuff, since we're all in the relative northeast.

The winter doesn't seem nearly so long with your humorous tales of life on the farm, two city kids and a 10-year-old snow blower!