Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A few weeks ago, Matt and I were lucky enough to pick up a used snowblower from some family friends, Connie and Kevin.

Can I just tell you how much we love that thing? Especially since it keeps snowing every 2 or 3 days?

Seriously. The snow this year is ridiculous.

A bonus to going to their home to get the snowblower, was going to see the new litter of puppies one of their Shelties, Vivi, had just had. Of course they're Shelties. Connie is my mom's friend and partner with Mom's uber-show-star, Checkers.
Just look at these little tykes! They were just shy of 2 weeks old when we saw them, and their eyes hadn't yet opened. They're all beautiful little girls, all healthy and of good size. Some may go on to show, and others will go on to loving companion homes.

But right now, they are just enjoying their heated carpeting (yep - totally serious) and sleeping and eating. Like they should be.

Man, just sleeping and eating sounds like a good deal to me!
First time Mama Vivi was a careful and watchful mother. She eyed us as we came in, almost a questioning look, trying to gage what our intent was for being there. I made sure to give her some attention and let her know she was a good girl, and Vivi also had Kevin nearby, who she sees every day.

I picked up one puppy to hold (because really, you can't help yourself), and Vivi kept her eyes on me the entire time. She was very intense, but willing to let me hold her little bundle of joy. I held the puppy for a moment, and then put her gently back in the pen, and Vivi immediately checked her puppy all over to make sure she was ok. Watching her react to her environment and to us with her puppies was just so interesting and endearing, not so different from a new mother of a human baby.

Not that I know anything about that. Yet!

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without some puppy video. They weren't doing much, but you still can't help but ooh and ahh over them.

Sleepy babies. Is there anything more peaceful?

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