Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Tundra vs. Mud Wrestling

It's cold.

Really, really, really cold.

We are at a whopping 17 degrees as I type this, and when I went out to feed this morning, it was an unbelievable -8 degrees.

That's cold.

Even though I've stolen Matt's Mad Bomber hat for the time being, am layering hand warmers with several pairs of gloves and mittens (and seriously contemplating heated gloves for next year's survival), and wearing clothes that can only be considered Eskimo chic, it's important to remember that it can always be worse.

At least, with snow, the horses stay relatively clean and with their cozy blankets on, somewhat easy grooming maintenance.

I took these photos a few months ago, when this was not the case.
Oh, yeah. Mud Wrestling. Somehow, the horses usually find in Spring or Fall, the muddiest spot in the whole field, and go to town. Each one of them.

So grooming becomes an Event, and at the end, you are eating and breathing in more mud, and it's in your eyes, ears, and all over your clothes.
The horses find this incredibly fun and I think they do this on purpose.

Negative 8 degrees. It's supposed to be just as cold tonight and we'll have a high temp of 13 tomorrow.

Mud, or arctic temps - which would you prefer?

At this rate, it's almost a toss-up!

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Catherine said...

We need a picture of you with that Fargo hat on!