Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter in Paris...and a Conga!

I wonder what winter in Paris is like.

Well, I know what Paris is like in winter!

This Paris, that is.
Paris and all of her fieldmates are all warm and cozy in thick winter blankets, enjoying all the hay they can handle.

This little guy is Angelo, a cutie I recently started working with. I believe he raced, but minimally - he was born at Akindale. Even though he's only 3, he is just an absolute mush and a doll to work with.

What I found fascinating (and very helpful), the horses had a consistent path that they blazed through the hard packed, icy snow, thus making it easier for them - and for me!
Of course, as I was getting to the last horse I had to work with, Casey, they all decided to make the most of the path and walk to the other end of their 20ish acre field.
Oh, joy!
But, once I caught up with Casey and nabbed her, I began to bring her back to the barn and heard a deluge of hooves behind me - much more than the four hooves I had intended to follow me.
I look behind us, and...

It's a party!

Gotta love Conga time at Akindale.

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Catherine said...

Those horses are so sweet! And you're the Pied Piper!