Friday, February 18, 2011

First Ride

It's a gorgeous day. It's nearing 60 degrees, there's a light breeze blowing, and...well, what more do you need?

I decided it was time to get back on Zeus!

He hadn't been ridden since about mid-December, when the Christmas Crazies had set in - baking, prepping for the holidays, etc. Then the first blizzard happened, and that was that.

I was not going to squander today, oh no.

But the problem was, no one was home. Matt had to go to NYC to work, so I was getting on my rambunctious 5 year old, solo. I made sure to email my mom and Matt to let them know I was heading out, and that I'd let them know when I was back in the house!

(I found out later that Matt actually called the house after I'd left, in an attempt to convince me not to ride!)

But not to worry. I had a chaperone.
Zeus was thrilled that a camera was there to document our big day, as you can see. He's ready to go!

And we also had a cheering section. Siggy seemed happy to doze in his stall, while Topaz whinnied, bucked, paced and generally freaked out over Zeus being 25 feet from her, while she's stuck inside?! What is this world coming to??

And we're off!
All we did was walk around the mud paddock, and focused on flexing, bending, changing direction, etc. He was a star and is clearly looking for some extra praise.

I forgot how tall he is. Out of all the horses I'm riding right now, he takes the cake in terms of height. This is my view from his back. I really could clean the gutters up there, and possibly climb onto the roof from his back. But I won't.

There is nothing like being on your own horse. Especially after a hiatus due to cold and weather!
Zeus was very pleased with his performance. So pleased, in fact, that he decided to take a bow as I was getting his saddle off!

Here's to the first of many fantastic rides in 2011!

3 comments: said...

Aw, KC, good for you!
But, I agree with Matt. You shouldn't ride alone.
And yet, you reconnected with Zeus and trusted him to be a good boy.

Aislinn said...

So nice to see you and Zeus out again. Thank Heaven Mighty Mojo was there!

Catherine said...

Congratulations on the ride! I'm happy to hear it went well and that your ribs are intact.