Monday, February 7, 2011

Having a Snow Ball

Horses are good for the soul.

You can see for yourself (video):

Here are some of my charges, having a wonderful time playing in the snow and the above freezing (for once!) temps.

You'll see my newest girl, Moon, the pretty grey. Angelo was a bit more camera shy, but who steals the show are the two girls in the matching blue blankets - the fabulous Paris and Casey!

(Note: I had to ride them after this lovely little display...they were a little high on life after all that excitement!)

Yup. Good for the soul. And good for blanket repair. You'll see some surcingles and other straps flapping in the breeze from their exuberance - I got to troop out there after they had wound down and fix everyone's blankets!

With all that trooping...they are good for a thigh workout, too.

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