Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Wish I Was Jumping

I'm on a campaign.

Matt and I want to deconstruct the ugly pigeon coop in the back yard...and I am chomping at the bit (literally?) to get to riding and conditioning Zeus for this year's competitive season!

Wait. Stop. I know. Pigeon coop? Not a chicken coop?

Yep. Pigeons. Why anyone would want to have pigeons is beyond me (especially after living in NYC), but the darn thing is huge, has multiple doors, and its own gutters!

Anyway, we'd been talking about what to do with it, and I am on record as saying, "I want jumps!"

I'm ready to head out now with a crowbar and go to Home Depot to try and duct tape something together.

But really, what kind of jumps can you make from scrap wood?

You can make what we call a coop!

We can also make a ramp, which the famous Jimmy Wofford is standing in front of. Bonus points if you add doors and windows on it, as if little gnomes live inside. Some horses are convinced they do, and it will spook them on course.

We can build the outline of a ditch, perhaps on either side of the natural stream in our field.

All of these ideas help push us towards getting more confident and able to jump the bigger stuff. I jumped a few picnic tables when I was about 12 years old, and that allowed me to move on to bigger tables, like the one pictured below.
We also have lots of chopped wood that we haven't used. I think I can recreate a smaller version of this jump.
Just wait. Tomorrow I'll have a little Cross Country jump workshop all rigged up in our basement, ready to get going so as soon as we see grass, we can make the most of these great jump ideas!

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Catherine said...

I can see you're jumping for joy at all the coop possibilities.