Saturday, February 26, 2011

Iris You Were Here

I have a huge announcement!

Ground breaking!

An encouraging, heartening, and wonderful announcement!

Whether we like it or not, Spring is on its way! I feel like doing cartwheels.

Look closely. You would think by looking at this photo that I have nothing better to do than take a picture of our outside basement wall. But look closer. Really close. What's that I see?
Green! Oh, happy day!

This is one of the sections of plants that I photographed for my Botanical Quiz last year, when we didn't know what the plants were around the property. Someone correctly guessed that these were Iris plants, and they were right! (Amanda and Arliss get points for correctly guessing the Iris bulbs a year ago!)

And look! They're back again! Even though we're still freezing, with snow tonight and freezing rain on the way Monday...that won't stop these pretty reminders that warmer times are coming.

Thank goodness!


Aislinn said...

Well, whaddaya know. said...

They look so fragile and vulnerable, but the season will change over like always, and we'll all be so relieved.

lizzieblue said...

maybe i'll play this year too! I've got mystery green in my yard as well! HOORAY!!

Arliss said...

Wow! I'm amazed that you saw green so early -- it's a good sign indeed!