Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Not My Day

Yesterday started out ok. Busy, but ok.

I got up, fed our horses, cleaned our barn, and dropped Matt off at the train. Then I went over to Akindale and rode/ worked with 3 horses there - Paris, Casey, and Angelo. After that, I ran back home, gave our horses some lunch hay, got some lunch myself, and headed back out to Starlight to work with other Akindale horses Shadow, Dream and Silver. I picked up my riding student, Marissa, on my way.

After driving out of a one-lane bridge, I was moving over (the road widens to 2 lanes) and before I could even react, there was a little black car there that I didn't see due to a snowbank that was too big! Thunk! I clipped the edge of her car, stopped, cursed a few times, and got out of our truck.

The lady was really very nice, we were both glad no one was hurt, and while our truck has nary a scratch on it, her car didn't fare so well. I really don't know who was at fault (definitely not all her fault, it was either all my fault or both our faults - I think she might have been going too fast around the snowbank and wasn't over on her side of the road enough). Either way, it was a gosh darn headache to deal with! The kicker was, I'd never been in an accident - so I had to call poor Matt at work to ask, "What do I do?" His first question was not, "Are you ok?" His first question was, "What happened to the truck?!"

Ah, men. Priorities!

On our way to Starlight, we have to travel up a dirt road - not surprisingly, called Long Mountain Road. And it is. A. Long. Mountain. With the snow, it's literally one lane that travels in both directions. If you encounter another car, one car has to back up and find a (rare) driveway to pull into to let the other car pass. As we were traveling up the hill, a station wagon came down at breakneck speed (after spotting us and passing a driveway they could have easily pulled into!) and proceeded to ride my front bumper as I backed up down the winding hill. It took about 6 minutes for me to back far enough, avoiding snowbanks and falling off the cliff of the mountain, to find a (poorly plowed) driveway to pull into. Meanwhile, the Station Wagon Schmucks are waving and yelling at me, as if it's my fault for having the audacity to be on their road!

At that moment, I was ready to call a cab.

We finally arrived at Starlight to see a few men up on the roof of the barn, shoveling the snow off. We were very happy about that - after hearing of so many barn and roof collapses, it was definitely a good move and we were thrilled it was being taken care of.

The horses that we had to bring into the barn, however, were not thrilled at the racket on the roof - they were certain of impending doom and destruction!

I was smushed into a wall by one horse panicking (resulting in a gorgeous bruise blossoming on my arm) and then another horse got spooked just as the roof guys were finishing for the day, breaking her bridle.

It was at that moment that my student Marissa, 14, smiled and said, "It's just not your day, is it?"

I couldn't help but laugh! Such a simple statement, and yet, so true!

The rest of the day went just fine, but at that point, I was ready to wave the white flag.

Later in the evening, I was perusing through Facebook, and saw a photo taken by the one and only Horsewife and great friend, Arliss Paddock. This is her yard, and it just seemed perfect.

What a beautiful way to bring some comfort to a day filled with chaos!

Let's hope today is better. It has to be, right?


Catherine said...

You poor thing. I'm glad you're okay!

Arliss said...

Wow, Kace, I am so sorry that I somehow missed this one back in February. What a day you had, you poor thing. I am so glad and very touched to know that my photo brought you a little bit of peace on that day. I guess it was meant to reach out to you when you needed it. :)