Monday, February 21, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

On Saturday, my brother Jay, my niece Emily and I all embarked off to Hartford CT to meet up with Mom and Dad. Mom was showing Checkers in a big weekend long show at the massive XL Center.

It was ridiculously windy, so it was one day I was delighted to be indoors!

Here we have a menage a Sheltie. Although none of the Shelties seemed ready for the camera yet!

There were big dogs....

....little dogs.....

...and very hairy dogs. With owners that strangely resembled them.
I am always amazed how much the dog handlers and owners actually look like the dogs they represent. And don't even get me started on the fashion at these dog shows, egads! I haven't seen that much Aquanet, shabby hemlines, and outdated Jazzercise wear since...since....well, the last dog show we attended.

Of course, Mom and Connie looked perfectly put together. I think they were the only two out of the dozens (hundreds?) I saw.

Can someone teach a handling course on "What not to wear?"

But this post isn't about the fashion don'ts that ran amok. It's about another little dog, with a little girl attached to it.

The car ride with Emily, to and from the XL Center, was certainly amusing.

For example, I was talking to Jay about missing his haircut (he had to reschedule in order to have me accompany him) and Emily took "Missed your haircut" to mean "Mister Haircut." So she happily called Jay Mr. Haircut, asked who Mr. Haircut was, and then giggled all the way to the highway.
She also informed me that it was not "Valentine's Day" as everyone else calls it, it's actually "Valen-TIME." So, all together now....what time is it?

I think my favorite part of the day was when she and I ventured around the show and benching/ grooming area. Emily carried her little stuffed dog along, leaving a path of disgruntled handlers and very overexcited dogs in her wake.
Turns out, all the fancy show dogs thought Emily's little token stuffed dog would make a great toy for them! The little puppy she's holding probably caused a lot of upsets in the show ring.
Oops! You've gotta roll with the punches at these dog shows.

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Catherine said...

I think we need to see a picture of your mom and her pooch.

P.S. Your niece is adorable.