Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Really is All Around

Happy Valentine's Day to my TMF Readers!

I'll be totally honest. I'm not too in love with Valentine's Day. I picked out a box of chocolates in the grocery store and told Matt that it's my Valentine's Day gift, he said OK, and off we went! I really feel like it's a holiday meant for those who are dating, but us old married folks go about our day as normal.

As I type this, I am realizing I sent Matt off to work without saying Happy Valentine's Day! He didn't say it either, so I guess we're even.

But, I did take a moment today to take stock in the love that's all around us. It's here every day, but today it's magnified.

While I love my husband, I love him more because he loves my horses. He tolerates late nights at night check, standing around in the freezing cold while I give my horses goodnight carrots. He lugs water buckets from the house to the barn. He changes blankets, grooms, occasionally picks up a pitchfork, and patiently listens to me talk about our own horses, Akindale horses, other people's horses, people who have anything to do with horses, horse supplies, etc etc etc.

The man should be sainted.

Every morning without fail, Whimsy attaches herself to my legs and rubs on them, purring, meowing and telling me about all the exciting events of the night while we were sleeping. Monster dozes nearby, purring from contentment. Mojo keeps me company outside while I clean the barn.

Zeus' favorite thing is to give me kisses, although sometimes they're a bit exuberant and I end up getting bashed in the face with his nose. Siggy stretches his neck out as far as he can to get a good rub and closes his eyes, as if to say, "Ahh, that's the spot!" And Topaz, well she pins her ears and snaps at me with her teeth, but at night before her carrots, she'll stick her head in my stomach as if to say "thanks."

That's love to me. And how lucky that I get to live that every day?

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