Thursday, February 24, 2011

Million Dollar Ride

Four days left! Only four days left on the 28 in 28 far, so good. Hopefully my posts thus far haven't been boring or weird! We're in the home stretch, folks...thanks for sticking with me.

Today will be a quick entry, because I'm a little exhausted. But, a certain little lady deserves recognition!
This is Million Dollar Moon, aka Moonie. You may have seen her before in prior blog posts, or in videos that also feature Paris and Casey. Moonie lives in their field too.

She was born at Akindale, raced, and came home once her racing career had ended. She was adopted out, and sadly, mistreated, so back home she came.

She got a few months off to get her head back in order and to mentally detox, which I think she needed. But with Spring coming, I thought it was important to begin working with her so that when the weather was nice enough, she'd be ready to go and hopefully, be adopted.

Because quite frankly, she's just too darn pretty to not be adopted!

I'd done a few sessions with her - bringing her in, grooming, and longeing her (all groundwork). Then I'd put the saddle on and do some work with that.

She'd passed all of that with flying colors, so today was the day to ride. With Erin on hand to assist, I hopped up!

It was a quick ride - just enough to remind Moonie that this riding business is no big deal. She took it all in stride and kept looking at Erin like, "See? Aren't you proud of me?"

And we were.


Catherine said...

She is a beautiful horse. I love her color! I'm glad she's back in the Akindale fold, where she will get the proper care she so deserves.

Arliss said...

I second that -- she is really lovely. I'm sure that with your good care and work with her she'll find a wonderful home soon! Someone will get an amazing horse.