Friday, February 11, 2011

New Sponsor - Georgetown Stable Outfitters

I am thrilled to announce Thunder Moon Farm's newest sponsorship, with Georgetown Stable Outfitters!

It's a big day. Why? Because I love this stuff.

Where else can you get something so functional and beautiful at the same time? Pottery Barn? I think not.

GSO's creator, Colleen Litof, has very quickly become a wonderful friend to me and an advocate for Akindale, too. We connected through our mutual vet, Dr. Christina Braun, when Colleen began to start looking for a youngster to bring along. Since then, Colleen has come to visit Akindale, the horses at Starlight, and has also referred several people to Akindale to look for horses for themselves. Visits with Colleen are things to look forward to, as she's always got a lovely outlook, and is wonderful with the horses. She truly has an insight to horses and the people who love them, and it shows in the craftsmanship of her GSO pieces.

The best part is, I think most GSO pieces can live in your house, not just in your barn. Don't have a stable to outfit? No problem!

This is a tack trunk, but I also see it as a coffee table, that can store things inside. I'm just a little in love with it. It could be a treasured gift for a fierce rider but also a wedding gift, or for someone who has just moved into their first home or apartment.
And, you can never have enough closet space. The custom armoires are gorgeous and can store saddles, bridles or your winter clothes, don't you think?

I'm also really fond with this travel bit box. You look like a rock star wandering around the stabling area at events, and it holds a myriad of items - not just bits. Personally, I would use the little drawer for studs (screw-in cleats for horses), and the rungs can also hold on to things you might otherwise lose - your competitor number, the flash noseband you took off in a hurry, or necklaces or bracelets while you're traveling. Brilliant.
Take a few minutes to wander around the website, and admire the unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. If you need a special gift for a horseperson, or a non horseperson who is special to you, look no further. These fine pieces will be a unique choice and will last a lifetime!

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