Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sounds About Right

What's happening today?

Snow. And ice. And a little rain in case we missed it.

Then later this evening, more snow!

(Let me tell you, I am just as tired of talking about the snow as you are reading about it.)

I happened upon our forecast for this weekend. It isn't looking good.
Yes, I think we will! (We're in the white portion.)

Actually, we are going to try and head out to dinner with my brother Jay and sis in law Kristin. Lucky for us, the restaurant (Doc's Trattoria in Kent, CT) is 5 minutes away. Not so close for Jay and Kristin. But, they seem to be determined to make it out. Hopefully, they will - we always have a blast hanging out!
Happy Weekend!


Abby said...

I think I'll join you, at the liquor store that is. We've been spared the snow for a few days, but the ice and freezing rain are scarier anyways! said...

We went out yesterday for a late-day brunch in the South End in Boston. Never an easy place to park, we somehow found a spot right next to the restaurant.

We toasted our victory with Blood Mary's (at 2 p.m.!!!) and somehow the dismal freezing rain and constant gray was brightened a bit.