Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Think Spring

Sometimes, there is just nothing else to do.
There is 500 feet of snow out there. And ice too.

You will notice the flowers on the wine glass (vs snowflakes) and the butterfly on the wine bottle.
These are the two tiny threads of hope that I'm grasping on to with both hands, white knuckles, and hanging on for dear life!
Pretty soon I'm going to turn the heat up to 80 and wander around the house in flip flops just for the sake of my sanity.
Take that, Winter.


offtrackthoroughbreds.com said...

Sorry to keep posting, KC, but now that I've figured out the technical issue I was having, I'm butting in all over the Web.

So anyway, beautiful picture. I love it.

Personally, I also believe in the power of tulips. But the wine does have its place too.

KC said...

Sue, please keep posting! I love hearing from you!

Catherine said...

The wine bottle and glass are nice, but I'm really digging your froggy sponge holder in the background!