Thursday, March 3, 2011

Akindale Showcase...The Cast of Characters

I'm baaaaaaack.

In all honesty, the past 2 days, I've felt like I had to post something here. Anything! I think I actually missed posting to this blog every day!

Anyway, next Sunday, March 13th, Akindale is having the first (hopefully Annual) Adoption Showcase at Starlight Farms in New Milford, CT. We'll be featuring about 10 horses, all up for adoption. From the word on the street, the attendance is going to be really good - people are really excited about it!

This event is simply all about the horses. And which ones will be there? Some of them you've met, and some you haven't. For now, we'll do a partial cast of characters.

First up is Singing Low. Yes, that's his name. He's a 4 year old gelding (boy), who was born and raced for Akindale. He's a bit like a toddler - very busy, a minimal attention span, but in the work I've done with him in the past few weeks, people just stop and stare. He can do anything - dressage, jumpers, but secretly, I hope he goes to an eventer - I think he's brave and scopey, and has that "Look at Me!" attitude that confident event horses need.

Then we have one of my favorite little guys! Remember Chief? Or are you saying, "KC, why haven't you taken him home yet?!" Yeah, I know I know. I need about 10 more acres and 5 more stalls, and then I'll be happy. And stop wanting to collect the horses I work with and then fall in love with. Chiefy is 3 this year, and there are a myriad of previous posts about him.

Then we have the most gorgeous Shadow, who I also recently posted about. My student Marissa took this pic (and all other pics in this post, thanks Marissa!), and I love it, mostly because neither one of us is paying any attention to the camera.

I had Shadow in a hackamore for weeks, to allow her to trust me (she must have had some wretched riders in the past) and since I want to focus her as a dressage mount, she needs to get used to a bit. Enter my fancy pants KK bit, which is really encouraging to young and sensitive horses. This is also my fancy pants Stubben dressage bridle. Frankly, I think she looks amazing in it!

This is a happy, alert girl. She's no small peanut either, so if someone is looking for a big, flashy, Warmblood-esque mover, here she is!

Last but not least for the day is Silver Hunter. I know she's not silver, Shadow is silver, but that's her race name and we call her Silver. She has become one of my favorites, simply because she has the best mind for a 6 year old. The wind can be blowing a gale, horses running amok, hay being tossed down (loudly) from the loft above, and she'll still quietly go about her work, with nary a spook or even a care in the world. I've just started over some baby fences and I think she'll make a superb young rider or adult amateur horse - a person who wants to bring along their own horse, but not a "fresh off the track, high as a kite" horse.

Bonus points for her, as she spots a natural partial Mohawk - she's channeling the inner Punk horse in her. Midnight used to have a mane like that and I loved it!

So, who's your favorite?

It should be said that all are welcome at the Showcase! Feel free to stop by and see these amazing horses.


Arliss said...

What wonderful horses these all are! This event is a fantastic idea, and I wish it great success. I'm dying to attend but unfortunately will be in Florida next weekend. I hope you get a great turnout, great performances from the horses, and some excellent prospective homes!

Arliss said...

Singing Low is GORGEOUS, btw ... and Chiefy is so irresistible!