Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bone Crusher

Well, most people will be blogging about the massive flooding that happened here due to the gobs of rain we got last night.

But not me. I had another problem on my hands. Really...hand. But let's narrow it down to a finger.

You all know this cute little guy.
That's Chief, having a ball running around the indoor. He'll be featured this weekend at the Showcase.

Well, yesterday as I was bringing him up from turnout in the rain, the massive amounts of water made a little pond with a PVC pipe make a strange burbling sound as we crossed over it. Chief didn't like it very much, and thus, spooked his little heart out. The lead ropes were wet and his nylon leadrope, usually carefully folded in my hand, got caught in my hand as he spooked, thus making it hurt. A lot.
I got he and Dream into their stalls and managed to yank my wedding rings off in the nick of time as my left ring finger began to swell up like a balloon. Good friend Carla was also there and fortunately for me, is a nurse - so she was able to tape up my finger(s).
After getting home and showing my trophy to Matt (who again - recoiled in horror), we needed to assess the situation and most importantly, get the finger splinted.
My pinkie finger was jammed in the melee, but at least not broken. My ring finger....not so lucky.

Isn't it pretty? I feel like Edward Scissorhands. My pinkie is better today - very sore but mobile. My ring finger, on the other hand, resembles a very swollen, purple sausage. Is it broken? More than likely.

I took photos without the splints for my own documentation, but decided to spare you guys from having to see it. I know many of you catch up while having your morning coffee and breakfast, and I don't want to turn any stomachs!

So, with the Showcase looming, I've got to take care of these busted fingers - and fast! I foresee a splint in waking and sleeping hours, and lots of Vetrap in riding hours.
Good thing I have lots of Vetrap.


lizzieblue said...

oh no! And that's your good hand!

lizzieblue said...

or is it? I can't remember!

Abby said...

Ouch! Hope it's all healed quickly!

Alisha said...

Yikes- that looks like it felt awesome... or not.

At least your nails still look nice :) said...

I did this same thing to my ring finger! It didn't occur as dramatically. I was simply taking Diana over a small jump and was holding my hand funny. Earlier in the day I'd had a booster vaccine in my arm, and I wonder if I was somehow accommodating it. Anyway, I wound up breaking my finger in such a way that my ring finger is now permanently bent.
At the time, this was the most serious problem in my life. It's funny to me now that so much time, and so many life events have transpired. But still, I do wish my finger was straight.
Good luck healing it up.

KC said...

Lizzie, it depends! It's not the arm that was crushed, and it's also not the hand I write with, so I suppose that's good. My biggest worry is that my finger will now be too mangled to wear my wedding rings!

Leesh and Abby - thanks and thanks! My mani is a week old.

Sue, it was totally non dramatic, haha, I didn't even say anything until we were in the barn and I was frantically yanking my rings off (so they wouldn't have to be cut off). It's good to know someone else had an unfortunate finger accident! said...

You didn't make it sound dramatic, but it just looked like it, to me. I'm dramatic. :)

Your finger will probably look fine when it's all healed, in about six weeks. I went to a doctor near my house who's name is Dr. Ring. I'm serious. He's a real doctor. LOL

Arliss said...

Yikes! Ouch! So sorry about your poor finger. But yes, your manicure still looks lovely!