Friday, March 25, 2011

If I Had a Million Dollars...

I wonder how many people are dreaming about what they'd do if they won tonight's Mega Millions drawing. It's an insane amount of $312 Million, and Matt went out and bought a $5 ticket yesterday.

Hey, you never know.

One of the things I love doing is daydream, and this is no different. What would I do if money was no object? What would you do?

Matt told me that he'd finally get the Cadillac Escalade he's been admiring forever.

We had a great time chatting over dinner about what we'd do, and it's pretty darn simple. Put our house on the market, buy our dream house and property, and live happily ever after. Of course, both our families would be taken care of - that's a no brainer.

It's not that simple, though. Our dream property would either be many acres or back on to protected land that can't be developed, even better if there's a trail system somewhere nearby. A nice barn, an outdoor/ indoor ring, and some cross country jumps would be a must! This one is a good start, though I'd love if it were a little closer to our families!

I thought for a moment if I'd go and buy a fancy event horse, one that a famous rider - one of the O'Connors, Phillip Dutton, or Buck Davidson had started, and then I thought, nope. I would stick with Zeus and my other Off Track Thoroughbreds. I love the process of training them and becoming a team with them, so anything less wouldn't feel like it was really a victory. However, I'd make the most of my free time and attend lots of clinics and lessons.

I'd also probably invest in some land in the south, preferably Southern Pines, NC, where everyone in town loves to ride and we'd be within (almost) driving distance to Matt's parents. It would be a nice retreat from the doldrums of winter.

I think a trip to Italy and while we're at it, the rest of Europe would be in the cards too.

What I'd do first and foremost though, would be to adopt the horses who have become so important to me in my time at Akindale - Flurry, Paris, Casey, Chief, perhaps Angelo, and I'd like to take on a horse who can't be ridden anymore but can be a companion and a friend. Those horses are the hardest to adopt out.

Is that so much to ask? Nah!

So, what's your dream?


lizzieblue said...

We had this conversation recently too! No horses in my plan though... no room! Unless I can build a barn on the high school baseball field? haha :) said...

I hope you win!
If I had that kind of money, after I'd taken care of all of the family, I would retire my current Thoroughbred Diana and adopt another OTTB. It's hard to imagine what else. Although a trip to Italy would be high on the list, as would a small vacation place.
Ah, dreaming... it's a wonderful exercise.

Anonymous said...

Mine, too, would include property, a barn and Horses! a few horses! A trip to California to spend the day at the Gentle Barn. Then from there, I'd go to Hawaii. I'd retire my 9 year old (although reliable and I love it) Toyota van. My son would be set, college, etc. Hmmm, donations, big donations to my favorite rescues, both horse and dog. And just the thought of not having to 'worry' about money would be terrific!
Have a wonderful day, and keep dreaming, because you truly do not 'ever know'.

Anonymous said...

that's me, Renee, in the previous post. hmmm, all those numbers and letters. my Jusbcuz11 didn't show.
ok, have a great day!