Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let's Play

How much do you love Siggy?

'Nuff said!

This video goes out to Horsewife Cynthia, who bought the pink ball for the boys to play with!


Cynthia D said...

Dear Siggy,
I've been waiting almost a year to see you play with your pink ball. Remember all those times I tried to teach you how to hold it in your mouth? Remember how I brought Brody The Wonder Dog out to visit you, and he tried to entice you into a game of toss the pink ball?
I believe you have simply been waiting for your Mom to be standing around with her camera. You have probably been sneaking out at night, playing with the darn thing!! Silly Boy!!!

Ann said...

Siggy here: Well, go get it for me!! What are you standing there for with that silly camera?! I know I'm cute...