Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Many Happy Returns

Hello, my friends!

I can't remember when I last posted, but it was a while ago. Maybe two weeks ago. The thing you will learn about me due to my absence is that when the going gets tough, I go to ground. I don't like to talk about the bad stuff. I won't air dirty laundry, I won't gossip or use this place as a soapbox. I want to keep it positive, happy, entertaining, and a platform for something I believe in wholeheartedly - rescue horses (especially my beloved Thoroughbreds) and the hearts they hold, just waiting for a lucky person to discover it.

In other words, if you don't see a blog post for awhile, just know I'm struggling with something or having a hard time.
*ETA: The issue is not with Matt and I, or any members of our families, everything is great in that department and I am very lucky to have such wonderful people around me!*


On to better and brighter stuff.

The Showcase was a huge hit, and it has already yielded one blissful adoption for one of my horses, which I'll blog about very soon (want to get pics and permission from the new owner to do the post!).

This past weekend, Erin and I headed to Danbury, CT, where Agway was having an Equine and Pet Expo. Between the two of us, we ended up with an interactive setup, with lots of goodies and information for interested people!

Here's a photo of our booth, with Erin grinning behind it.

We thought one of the best parts of the day was the view.

Those rear ends you see are Tom, Bubba, Billie, and Bean - a 4 Horse Team from Rock Hill Farm in nearby Southeast, NY. The owner of these magnificent animals spent some time talking to Erin and I, and even offered his horses up for wagon rides for our Family Fun Day in the fall.
I can't recall if this guy is Billie or Bean, but what I found fascinating is that this particular breed (Belgian) goes gray, just like people do. So this big guy is about 17, and his mane color tells you he's a more mature gentleman. I told him it was distinguished.
More to come in the coming weeks. Even though more snow is coming (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah), Spring is here and that means lots of good things coming up to write about!


DiCo said...

Welcome back KC. Glad to hear things are looking up. Let me know when your fall family fun day is. Want to circle that one on our calendars if it is not the same weekend as Disney this year...

Aislinn said...

He is such a handsome gent, that one. Love the photo of all the bums.