Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the Road....Again....

I love my horse.

I love all my horses, Topaz and Siggy, of course, and all my Akindale horses (sometimes I think I love them a little too much because it will hurt to let them go when they get adopted), but I just love love love my Zeus.

Today was a decent weather day - high 40's and the wind hadn't picked up too much yet, so I knew I had to get on Zeus again! But, we were bored just wandering around the mud paddock, and I knew we couldn't do much since there is still some icy patches in there. Our ring is still buried in snow, so that was out too.

Oh, what's a girl and her horse to do?

We hit the road, that's what!
Matt very kindly walked a few hundred feet to the dirt road around the corner from us so he could a) make sure I lived and b)...well, it was really pretty much just A. But as a side bonus, he brought the camera along and got some pictures!

This was actually Zeus' first time out without his partner in crime, Siggy. He was perfectly happy to head out the driveway and into uncharted territory - he'd never been down this particular road before. Braving pools, weird broken down trucks and some rowdy youngsters across the street, he was awesome and walked ahead steadily.

Man, it sounds like we live in Harlem, doesn't it?

Anyway, he was fantastic. Our ride was brief, but it was enough that he came home with a good experience and I think his taste for adventure is alive and well!

That's my boy!

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