Monday, March 28, 2011

Silver...into the Sunset

Silver Hunter, an Akindale horse who I've been training since January, has a whole new life ahead of her. I am very happy to announce her official adoption with her new Mom, Marcye. It's a fabulous, uplifting story. Marcye knew me when I was about 13 years old with stars in my eyes and bravery by the gallon. Marcye owned a beautiful gray mare named Mist, who she clearly had a great connection with that continued up until last year, when Mist decided it was time to go to Heaven. So needless to say, they were a team for a very, very long time. Marcye understandably wasn't really interested in another horse, as the loss of Mist was a lot to bear. Having lost Midnight, I could understand all too well how she felt. But, Marcye came to the Showcase a few weeks ago, and happened to see Silver. Instantly, I think everyone around them saw sparks and an instant bond. Marcye rode Silver that following weekend, and decided then and there to bring her home. After she'd gone through the Akindale adoption process and had her vet (who is also our TMF vet!) check her out, it was time for "Silvie" (Marcye's name for her) to head home.

I love the above photo - a reassuring smooch with some calming words from her new Mom, Silvie walked into the trailer and into her new life.

At last report, Silvie is doing phenomenally at her new barn - she's enjoying her turnout, eating lots of good hay and is making friends with the other horses there. She and Marcye have many years of trail riding, hunter pacing, fun and love ahead of them.

This is a special kind of love, that a horse and owner are lucky to share, and we are even luckier to be able to witness and be a part of. I'm sure I'll do some updates on Silvie and Marcye's life together - stay tuned!

Congratulations Marcye and Silvie!


Liz O'Connell said...

Hi Ho Silvie! Another great story!

Ann said...

Congratulations, Marcye and Silvie! I wish you many years, great rides and wonderful times together. You look like the perfect pair!

Colleen Litof said...

Isn't this just great? And the pictures--too cute. I love the one with Marcye and Sylvie looking out over the horizon. Then the last one--both of their "manes" are blowing back together, in just the right amount. First the hair, next, the fabulous array of sheets and blankets that Marcye will dress her Sylvie in. They are coffee and cream, peanut butter and jelly, hope and love....perfect together!!!

Catherine said...

I love a happy ending! Congratulations to all!!