Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tasty Bunnies

I'm sure you know this already, but I love chocolate. Even better, I love seasonal chocolate - stuff that only comes out but once a year, waiting for me to notice the colorful wrappers waving at me from the grocery store shelf. Our house is covered in these: How can you resist? They're so pretty and cheery, and they taste good. Especially with coffee in the morning.

Such a nutritious breakfast.

For years, I was obsessed with these:
I would eat them all day, every day. Having them at work, I was a captive audience to their sugary shells and melty milk chocolate. But, I think I needed a break from them, so this year, I've fixated on something else.

Bring on the bunnies!

Now, I am very specific as to the bunnies that get to enter under the roof at TMF. These bunnies, by Palmer, are where it's at - because they have little candy eyes and other little sugary candy accessories. But they've been hard to come by! Where did all the candy eyes go?

Instead, Palmer tried to pull a fast one with painted on eyes and accessories. It's just not the same. This guy does not make me Happy, even though that's on the box.

So, le sigh. I am forced to buy the Mother Lode of Bunnies. The Big One.

It's just you and me, Pete. You have been delish.

(He probably can't hear me. I ate his ears.)


lizzieblue said...

hahaha, this could easily be a post on my blog!

Catherine said...

Mmmmm...I want me some of those Cadbury Minis! My fave!

Arliss said...

Hilarious, KC! And you with your svelte figure -- who would guess that you have a "chocolate problem"?

Am leaving now to go buy up all the Palmer chocolate bunnies at CVS. xoxo