Sunday, April 17, 2011

Being Angelo

One of the horses I'm working with at Akindale right now is Angelo. He's a 3 year old who was born at Akindale, but never left the farm - he just didn't have the gusto for the racetrack that other Thoroughbreds have.

That usually means that he'll make the transition to riding horse pretty well.

Does anyone remember Ferdinand the Bull? You know, the bull who just loved to lounge around and smell flowers all day.

Yeah. Angelo is a lot like that. He just looooves basking in the sunshine. Even his pasture mate, Ruth (who is a boy but we won't go there today) is trying to get him up.
"Come on man, if you get up, she'll give you carrots! And then maybe she'll give me one too!"
"I think you just said carrots. Maybe I'll perk up a little for those."

"Now if I can just get these back legs to work..."

Note: Angelo will frequently rise from his siestas and sit like a dog. For several minutes. I've never seen any other horse just sit, so casually, for such a long period of time.

This horse is totally an equine version of Ferdinand.

"Ruth, I can still kick your butt even though I'm sitting! Those carrots are mine, all mine!"


Finally, he's up! And the first thing he does is snuffle my face and frisk me for treats.

And we are ready to go!

Angelo is actually being looked at by a polo player this coming week. He's not a big guy, so he's perfectly built for the sport, and he's good at turns. He's also brave - especially seeing as how I take him out on trail, frequently, by himself and he's always game. How many other 3 year olds do you know that can do that?

Or sit like a dog?

If he does go to a new home, I hope Angelo keeps taking the time to smell the flowers. Somehow, I think he will.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Angelo! Keep on 'smelling those flowers'...:) Have a great day!

Catherine said...

That Angelo is my kind of horse!

Aislinn said...

Oh, I just love Angelo. He's such a lovable fellow.

Arliss said...

Ha ha ha! I love him!!

My favorite photo and caption: "Noms?"

Love your blog so much. Keep up the good work, Kace! We MISS you and those horses and need to come out and see you!