Monday, April 11, 2011

The Chariot Comes Home

It's here, it's here! We picked up the trailer today from Congelosi Trailer Sales, and it arrived in one piece. I say that because I was the one driving the rig, with Matt bringing up the rear in our Mazda. Whew!

The truck was all tricked out after we dropped it off on Saturday, and Anthony Congelosi gave us a tutorial on hooking, unhooking, and generally keeping the trailer and the truck connected while going down the road. Which is kinda important.
"Now, where do we park this thing?"

When my mom began driving the horse trailer years ago, she got some valuable advice from the person who sold it to us. He said, "Go as slow as you need, people are going to pass you, cursing and beeping. Just smile and wave!"

And so I did!

We only had some caravans when coming through Patterson, NY and Pawling, but it was also rush hour and everyone was coming home from work. Sorry, folks.

Zeus immediately zeroed in on the trailer when we pulled in. As you can see, Mojo seems very concerned about all the excitement. Zzzzz.

Once we got over staring at it in the driveway (yes, still hooked up to the truck - and it remains that way this evening!), I ran out to ride Zeus for a bit, hosed him off (it was over 80 degrees!) and decided it would be fun to introduce him to The Chariot. "Oh boy, here she goes again, waxing poetic and Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places We Will Go." Where are the carrots in this thing?"

Zeus was willing to play along with my excitement and wandered up the ramp with ease...I think he likes it!

"No Mom, you finally got the carrots out....duh...."

I wanted to show him our faboo logo, too, so he understood just how cool this rig is, and how it was made just for us! (Well, not the trailer, since it's used, but you know what I mean.)

"I wish she would stop talking about the dinner is waiting..."

I am loving this thing. We haven't even gone anywhere, and a whole new world has opened up to us. We really have the guys (and gals) at Congelosi to thank for really going the extra mile for us. We didn't get a new trailer - we didn't get one with bells and whistles, tons of extras, or a dressing room - and they still treated us as if we were their most valued customer. When the day comes that we can get the extras, dressing room, and bells and whistles, the only place we'll go is Congelosi.

And, we're off!


Catherine said...

It is definitely a thing of beauty!

Aislinn said...

Nice wheels!!!