Thursday, April 7, 2011

EZily a Happy Ending

Do any of you guys remember EZ Dollar? Click the link above to refresh your memory. Also, this link should bring you up to speed too. The second link (from a blog post I did last fall) talked about how EZ was about to go out on trial to a potential adopter, and how lucky said adopter would be to have him. Well, lo and behold, the very same lucky lady contacted me the other evening, and I have to say, I haven't met her, yet I am totally enamored of her. Ladies and Gents, I give you....EZ's new home!
According to his "Mom" Megan, he is just doing splendidly. Even better, she plans to make him an eventer, and I'll even see she and EZ at some upcoming events this year! Maybe EZ and Zeus will compete in the same division. Maybe we'll hunter pace and win everything we enter as a team (ok, I'm getting ahead of myself but how much fun would that be?!).
Even more important than being an eventing gal after my own heart, she absolutely adores this horse. He's being loved the way he should be. I always thought he was special - and from Megan's blog (which is hilarious and such fun to read!), he's proving over and over again how perfect he is for her, and vice versa.
I am beyond happy for these two. They have a fantastic future ahead of them, and we are lucky to be able to go along for the ride! Check back on Megan's blog regularly for updates on the EZ Life!


mcb said...

Woohoo! EZdarlingbabysuperstar is now even more famous! Thanks for your kind words and all your good work for EZ and all your others. Let me know when our first hunter pace is--we'll be there! ;)

Catherine said...

Kace, I love reading about another happy ending! This stuff really warms my heart, so I can only imagine how awesome it makes you feel. Kudos!